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The most intriguing places of Stockholm’s archipelago visualized in Google Street View

The vast majority of trips start with a Google search. In a unique collaboration between Stockholm Archipelago, the Archipelago Foundation and Google, the outer Stockholm archipelago is now visible in all its autumn glory through a 360-degree view in Google Street View

Google is of great importance for the development of the travel market since a journey usually begins with an online research. The ambition of the project is to create a virtual representation of the parts of Stockholm’s outer archipelago that have never before been visualized on Google street view.

The archipelago comes to life digitally through fantastic images from over fifty islands. The project makes the archipelago’s unique autumn character available to more potential visitors in a completely new way and as a result a wider audience will get the chance to discover the archipelagos most beautiful autumn views online. The potential for more international travelers to consider the Stockholm archipelago as a destination increases and potentially extends the season even further.

New jobs and increased revenue
According to the consultancy firm WSP Group an extension of the season would contribute to an increase in revenue of up to 50 million SEK per year. It also has the potential to create up to 45 new job opportunities as a direct result of the increased tourism.

Unique, exotic and spectacular views
The new project maps the most spectacular and exotic places of Stockholm’s archipelago and makes these available online. The documentation is done through a high-tech and portable 360-degree camera. The new images will make it possible for anyone to click their way along unknown paths and discover their own special spot.

The outer archipelago is an extraordinary environment that few people know about, and being able to discover it online can really make a difference in attracting people to come here in the autumn as well, says Marie Östblom, Project Manager at Stockholm Archipelago, part of Visit Stockholm.


About Stockholm Archipelago
Stockholm Archipelago is a collaboration platform consisting of the City of Stockholm, the municipalities of Nynäshamn, Haninge, Nacka, Värmdö, Vaxholm, Österåker and Norrtälje, the Archipelago Foundation and Region Stockholm.