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Invest Stockholm with partners revitalize the creative tech scene for a second consecutive year of Creative Tech Week


Stockholm Creative Tech Week Conference opens today where Stockholm will be highlighted as a stage for creativity for international and local investors. The focus is to showcase and stimulate creativity in the Music, Gaming, Performing Arts, E-sports, Fashion, Media and Entertainment industries in Stockholm.


Creative Tech Week, 12-18 November, will showcase Stockholm’s inherent creativity and innovation for tech companies within the cultural and creative industries, and make possible to meet, explore and elaborate new forms and directions of collaborations. Cultural and creative industries in Stockholm produce more turnover than several of the country’s major industries put together.


Stockholm has long identified cultural and creative industries as an important part of the city’s business life and economic growth. The city’s entrepreneurs in these industries not only contribute to economic growth in the city, but are also of utmost importance to the cultural life of the city. In Sweden, every 10th person works in the cultural and creative industries.


Creative Tech Week 2022 is made possible through a partnership by STHLM Music City and Invest Stockholm, and the Entertainment Island of Royal Djurgården. 



Stockholm Creative Tech Week




For more information, please contact:
Ariane Bucquet Pousette, +46 (0) 76 122 80 61,