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The Stockholm region aims for €115 billion of investment by 2040 – pressrelease

2024-03-20: PRESS RELEASE



The Stockholm region aims for €115 billion of investment by 2040


The new “Stockholm Construction & Infrastructure” report shows that the greater Stockholm region is looking to invest a total volume of EUR 115 billion Euros by 2040. The largest investment share is in housing, followed by infrastructure investments in railway, subway and light rail.

The report examines planned investments in construction and infrastructure in the Stockholm region 2024-2040. It aims to provide an overview of the most important future investments within the Stockholm region. Commissioned by Stockholm Business Region and written by WSP AB, it summarizes the most interesting and largest construction and infrastructure projects in the Stockholm region in the coming years.

It’s evident that the potentially staggering 115 billion euros in construction, presents a tremendous opening for investments. In Stockholm County alone, the need for skilled construction labor is projected to reach 30-40,000 workers. We are commitment to addressing this opportunity, while at the same time driving sustainable growth and prosperity, says Caroline Strand, Acting CEO of Stockholm Business Region.

By 2040, the region plans to invest a total of EUR 59 billion in housing and the report highlights some of the most innovative projects. One of the featured projects is Stockholm Wood City, a 250,000 square meter city district whose buildings are entirely made of wood. Another project highlighted is Stockholmshusen, one of the City of Stockholm’s largest development projects, which aims to build thousands of new rental apartments. Around 3,300 new rental apartments will be created, spread across 25 different projects.

In terms of infrastructure, the expected amount is EUR 32 billion, with key projects including the expansion of the Stockholm metro, Uppsala Light Rail, The East Link and Oslo-Sthlm 2:55.

For the period 2003-2019, the total return on real estate in Stockholm has been estimated 9.4 percent per year, according to the report. This is well above the average for the 20 European metropolises included in the comparison.

The report also provides a macroeconomic overview of how the region has performed historically and a forecast of how it will perform in the future.


About Stockholm Business Region

Stockholm Business Region is the official business and destination development company of Stockholm. Our mission is to strengthen Stockholm’s appeal as a prime destination for business establishment and tourism.

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